Good Idea to Invest in Pattaya Condos?

Pattaya Article written 7th May 2019

The question whether it is a good investment to invest in Pattaya Condos will be discussed in this short articles and we will focus on increase in foreign tourism and influx of foreign investment.

Most people are not aware of 2 main major transportation projects that will increase tourism and foreign investment to Pattaya city. 

You see many new very large condominiums projects still being built and started even though tourism from the western countries has decreased. 

However, tourism and influx to Thailand and in particular Pattaya city from Asian countries is increasing with most coming from China and it is not just mass tourism anymore.

Could it be that developers have insider information that “common mortals” do not have?

Here are the 2 main reasons why tourism and investment will and is dramatically increasing from the Asean countries:

Pattaya Tram Project:  2 Tram lines are planned for Pattaya city.

The blue and red lines as shown on the picture below. 

The blue line will go from north Pattaya to south Pattaya and loop back.

The red line will go from north Pattaya along Pattaya beach and loop back on Pattaya 2nd road.

Bangkok Rayong BTS Project:  High-speed train project connecting three airports.  From Bangkok Don Mueang, Suvarnabhumi to U-Tapao Rayong.

Are these investors in Pattaya really so crazy to built condominiums with thousands of condos as for example Marina Golden Bay Pattaya with its 1800 units and construction is starting this month May 2019 and which is worth tens of billions Baht of Thai Baht? 

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