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The difference between apartments in Pattaya and condominium is really just legal and is important when one wants to make a purchase in Thailand.

Apartments in Pattaya

Apartments in Pattaya

Condominiums in Pattaya

Condominiums in Pattaya

What is the Difference between an Apartment and a Condominium?

A condominium or condo is where an apartment, in an apartment house, is individually owned while the individual owners share use and access to common amenities/facilities.

The facilities shared are usually elevators/lifts, swimming pools, tennis courts, hallways, other exterior areas etc.

A HOA or homeowners association manages the condominium by an elected board of directors, elected by the membership (individual owners).

An apartment or flat as it is called in some English speaking countries is usually rented from a landlord for a certain period of time.

The term condominium comes from the word Copropriete or co-ownership and the difference to an apartment is solely legal. There is no way of telling between an apartment and a condominium by merely looking at a building.

This may be too technical for many and the legal aspect is only important if one wants to purchase Apartments in Pattaya versus renting. This needed to be sorted out since many people who want to rent in Pattaya are oftentimes only looking for apartments or condominium even though the terms are exchangeable if one wants to rent only.

Time to Find Your Apartment

With that being said feel free to browse our inventory and see if you like to rent one of the available apartments on this web site. If you would like us to help you find a suitable apartment for you please use the form on this page.

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