Investment Opportunity in Jomtien

The Place To See Your Money Grow

Key Reasons to Invest with Expat Condos in Jomtien:

 • 13 Years Experience of Buying and Selling Property Successfully

 • All our Properties are ready for Viewing and Renting now

 • Talk to any Investor about how it worked for them

 • No Deals are the Same we work with you to get it right

Understanding Your Needs Are Key

What are your Prime Motivators?

 • Up to 1,000,0000 USD to Invest

 • Properties with Immediate Return

 • Rental Guarantees

 • Payments in Cash or Bank Transfer

Our Property Portfolio

Our Business has Developed a Great Team

 • Real Estate Professionals

 • Financial Controller

 • Land Office and Transfer Documentation Specialist

 • Renovation and Maintenance Teams

 • Housekeeping and Check In/Out Team

 • Interior Design Expertise

Investment Opportunity
Return on Investment

Here is an example of Property Cost  - The Condo choice is yours we can provide property up to 100 million THB

One Off Costs  include Transfer Fees and Legal 2%

Annual  Costs  of  include Maintenance Fees for the Condominium  and Amortisation costs to keep the property maintained to a high standard

All figures are approximate

Purchase Property Now – No Delays

 • All Apartments transferable immediately

 • x% Rental Guarantee

 • Net Return after Current Annual Costs ≈ 7.1%

 • Average cost 1m2 ≈ 18 Thai Baht per month

 • Initial Sinking Fund Costs Paid

Four Easy Steps to Success

1/ Agree the Portfolio

 2/ Deposit Paid and Contract Signed

 3/ Final Payment and Transfer of Ownership

 4/ Reaping the Rewards

A Successful Partnership

Working Together for the Long Term

 • We have the Property Experience

 • We have the infrastructure to look after your investment

 • You have the desire to make a good return on your Investment


  Let’s do Business Together!

Contact us here to get started.

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